About Our Organisation

A charitable organisation which aims to educate and assist the poor and socially deprived locally, in London, through educational projects and food distribution, and through its social responsibility provide financial aid for projects throughout the world with a priority for areas affected by natural and humanitarian disasters.

Since June 2008
Charity number: 1124658

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"Serving humanity by enjoying the experience of witnessing the impact of our donations"

Helping the poor wherever they are

Our vision at Aytac Aid is to help take humanity out of poor living conditions, misery and social deprivation. We walk with charities and assist directly when and where required. 


Volunteers In 2020


People We Helped In 2020

£ 200

Donations through us

Educating the socially deprived

Join the community to give education to children

Fundraising experience for your donors

Helping each other can make the world better

We welcome volunteers to help deliver projects as long they are dedicated and willing to learn


Your donations in the from of Sadaqah, Zakah and Fitrah are all carefully allocated to the appropriate projects in a cost-effective way


We hold regular events to help fundraise for emergency needs


Ramadan collections for emergency assistance all over the world

Meet our friends

Fundraising experience for your donors

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